Saturday, April 25, 2015

March Lab Fun!

March 2015 

March was another snowy month - but no snow days!  This is a picture of one of our parking lots.  You can see the flakes falling.


The Early Childhood students were able to skype with a class from North Carolina.  They shared songs and what they like to do during "play time" - which is also "work time".  

The Kindergarten students continued to learn different games on Sumdog. There are about 20 games to choose, so they learned 3-4 at a time.

Grade 1

The first grade students continued their "unplugged" #codingchallenge creating boards to add up to 10.

They also deciphered the challenges from our partners in Taiwan.

This is another unplugged #codingchallenge board that we sent to our friends.

This was a challenge we deciphered!  We found two ways to jump and add to 10.

Grade 2

In March, the second graders continued to work on their Animal Google Presentations.  They learned custom animation and transitions as well as changing the theme and background.  They added photos and information to their slides too!

Grade 3

The third graders continued to share and learn about their partners in A Week in the Life Project.  The teachers meet online weekly to learn what to do with their students and talk about tools and activities they can do as well.

Grade 4

The students played a variety of educational games this month:
Online Typing GamesDigital Etiquette GamesGeoGuessrEcoKids Games

Grade 5

The students began a new project, How Big is the Earth.  They also viewed 7th grade presentations.

A small group of 5th graders continued to work on the Global Virtual Contest.  One group was able to Skype with Taiwan and South Africa.

Grade 6

Draw/Describe Project:  The 6th graders commented on their partner's pages after they wrote their descriptions and drew portraits of their partners. 

Grade 7

The seventh graders presented their Digital Citizenship presentations for Digiteen to the 5th graders.  

Grade 8

The 8th graders continued their Blogging Challenges as well as improving their typing skills using Typing Club.


I participated in a with ISTE and Julie Lindsay, Getting Started with Connected Learning and Global Collaboration.  We shared our experiences about global learning.

Look for events from April...soon!

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