Sunday, January 25, 2015

This Month in the Lab!

January, 2015

This month students continued with projects, typing, coding, learning about Google Apps for EDU, and others!


 The Preschool and Kindergarten students explored the Zoo and the Farm with ABCMouse.  Kindergartners also took care of the pets they purchased.  They are having fun and learning at the same time - love it!

Grade 1

First graders learned about the parts of a computer as well as coding and math games:

Typing Games

Grade 2

Second graders used Google Docs to type a poem about Jack Frost.

Grade 3

Third graders helped each other learn code.

They also created stop-motion videos using ABCYa Animation.

Grade 4

Fourth graders participated in a mystery Skype with students from Oklahoma.  Our notetakers did a great job!

Grade 5

Fifth graders voted on a theme for the Global Virtual Contest.  They will be working on the site with their global partners.

Grade 6

Sixth graders learned about storms with Mr. Karnoscak in Mrs. Gambino's class!
They also worked on typing skills and they learned about Google Slides using Synergyse.

Grade 7

Seventh graders continued to work on their projects for Digiteen.  They used Powtoon or Google Slides to create their Action Projects.
Action Project Page

Grade 8

Eighth graders continued working on Synergyse Google Slides, typing skills, and technology assessments.  They will also comment on their Quad-blog partners:
Mrs. 7/8/ Age 11 - 13
Mrs. Heywood 7/8/ Age 11 - 13
Mrs. AllenMrs. Schertz Homeroom Blog
Ms. Hendricks Homeroom Blog
Grade 8/ Age 13-14
Mrs. Wisneski 6/ Age 11-12

Happy Connecting!

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