Sunday, March 9, 2014

February Activities in the CSRN Lab

February was certainly a fun-filled month in the computer lab!  Lots of wonderful things happened in many of the grades.  Can't wait to share!

4th and 8th Grades - Blogs and Commenting

The students began writing their first posts in Kidblog.  After writing a few blog posts, they are learning how to write a quality comment, thanks to Linda Yollis' students:

Pictionary with a Partner
Ms. Hendrick's class was able to collaborate with Mr. McNulty's class in Pennsylvania using a drawing tool to play Pictionary 1:1.  One student would draw a word used from a list we gave them and the student from the other school would try to guess the word.  This simple skill is one they will probably use in the future.

Screenshots of the students playing the game.  Can you guess the word?

Their view of our class using Google Hangout

Our view of our friends in Pennsylvania

5th and 7th Grades - Landmarks Game

Students in 5th and 7th participated in the Global Landmarks Game.  Students choose a landmark from each class that can be anywhere int he world.  Then they research and find nine challenging clues that will be given in sets of three each week for three weeks.  The students as a team email a yes/no question to the other teams who've posted clues for their landmarks.  At the end of the three weeks, all guesses are emailed to the coordinator and they are totaled.  The students will get the results this week!

6th Grade - Describe/Draw Project

The students participated in the Describe/Draw Project where they describe their facial features and a few favorites about themselves and post it to the project site in Kidlink.  They partnered with another school who drew a portrait of their descriptions.  They are allowed to ask more questions if they need clarification and when they are finished, the portraits were matched with the descriptions.

Grade 3 - More Typing Practice

The students continue to work on typing skills using Dance Mat Typing and also playing educational games after a certain period of time.  Next month they will begin the Flat Connections project, A Week in the Life.

Grade 2 - Sumdog

The students practiced math and reading skills using the site, Sumdog.  Similar to the World Maths Day, students play live games against classmates and students around the country.

Grade 1 - Typing and Creating

The students continue to practice their typing skills using Dance Mat Typing and drawing creative pictures using Kerpoof.  The pictures they create will be shared on Primary Collaborations site with other Grade 1 schools around the world.

Kindergarten - Teach Your Monster to Read

The students are continuing to work on reading and phonemic skills using Teach Your Monster To Read.  They have moved into the second phase where they are reading words and putting them into sentences.

Early Childhood - ABCMouse

The students in Early Childhood are continuing to learn math, reading, and fine arts skills using ABCMouse.  There is much to explore and students are enjoying the various ways of using this comprehensive online tool.

Early Childhood Skype!

The students in Mrs. Christiansen's class met with Ms. Hannibal's class in North Carolina.  They shared songs and favorite colors.  They look forward to meeting again in March!

Computer Science Club

Students in grades 4-8 have the opportunity to join the Computer Science Club on Mondays after school.  They are learning computer science, coding, and how to break a large problem into smaller problems.
Monster - Computational Thinking

The Maze

Binary Decoding

ICE Conference

I was fortunate to co-lead a workshop at the ICE Conference on Thursday, Feb. 27th.  We presented about Global Creation - using global connections and projects to connect with Common Core State Standards.  

At the end of the conference, my name was called in a raffle and I won a new set of Student Response Clickers for our school!  After training, the students will be able to use these clickers for formal and informal assessments.

Wonder what great adventures March will hold?