Friday, December 19, 2014

This Week in the Lab!

Week of December 15, 2014 

The week was mostly dedicated to projects, coding, mystery location, and Christmas games!


The students played Christmas games on ABCMouse and enjoyed spending their tickets to decorate their rooms!
This is a Kindergartener's room 


Skype Interaction

The students shared songs, weather, and school information with Edward E Taylor School in South Carolina.  They were excited to see another Kindergarten classroom!
Mrs. Kaput's class 

Mrs. Buhr's class

Grades 1-4

The students continued on their learning paths in coding and also had time to play some fun Christmas games:

Grade 5

Due to Confessions, I only saw one of the classes for 20 minutes.  They were able to vote on a topic for the Global Virtual Classroom Contest and play Christmas games as well.

Grade 6

The 6th graders finished their Diamonte Poems and shared it with the students in the Kidlink Project.  They also played some Christmas games.

Mystery Location

One of the 6th grade classes had a mystery location interaction with a class from William Davies Middle School in New Jersey.  They asked yes/no questions to figure out what state they lived in.  Here are the notes from the interaction.  This is the blog post from their tech teacher!  She also made this video:  

This is what the students from New Jersey saw.  

We liked the robot in their classroom!

The students from New Jersey were a 6th grade STEM class, newly formed!  

Grade 7

7th graders worked on The Digiteen Project, finishing their assignments and working on their Action Projects.  They will present to 6th graders in January.

Students in 7B had a skype interaction with students from Jonesville Middle School in Madison, WI.  They shared their Action Projects and learned a little bit about each other's schools and fun things to do!

Grade 8

The 8th graders worked on their typing skills using Typing Club and also worked on Diocesan Assessments.  If there was time, they played a few Christmas games as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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