Monday, December 8, 2014

This Week in the Lab!

Week 1: December, 2014 

We had a week off for Thanksgiving and got back into the swing of things in the lab.  This is what we did!


The students have been using ABCMouse to draw, organize, navigate using a touch pad, recognizing letters, numbers, and words, and possibly construct sentences, depending on their advancement.  They can also play ABCMouse at home!

Grades 1-3

Computer Programming!

The students are learning how to code using's computer science courses specific to their ages and grades.  They were introduced to it this week and will be continuing until the end of January.

Mystery Skype

One class had a mystery skype with students in Troy School District!  They also found out some of them even knew each other!  That was fun.  ;)

Grade 4

Global Moon Project

The students learned about the phases of the moon.  Then they took a picture of the moon and shared it with other students in the project in the form of a poem or coordinates.  They also commented on the students' works from other schools.

Grade 5

Global Virtual Classroom

This week the students finished brainstorming on a possible topic in their table groups.  They used a shared Google doc to create a graphic organizer to add a few details to support their topic.  Each class came up with 6 topics.  They will vote on one topic next week.  Then the other partner schools will vote.  They are in Taiwan, Italy, and USA.

Grade 6

Diamond Poem Project and Typing!

The students created a diamonte (diamond) poem using Google Slides.  They will share their poem in the Diamonte Poem project with students from Spain and USA.  

They are also using Typing Web to get more proficient in typing.  

Grade 7

Video Conference

The students in 7B were able to virtually meet some of the students they are working with in the Digiteen/Digitween Project.  The students are from Texas and asked our students what word they used for "carbonated drinks"....POP!  They say SODA!

Grade 8

Diocesan Assessments!

The students have been working on the Diocesan Assessments for Technology this Trimester.  Once finished, they will continue with Synergyse Training with Google Slides and Sites.

DeICE Winter Mini Conference


I helped run our 2nd DeICE mini conference this Saturday.  We raffled off thousands of dollars worth of prizes including a Chromebook and a course from USF.  It was a great learning opportunity for the 50 participants and a successful event!

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