Thursday, July 3, 2014

The 3 C's - #ISTE2014 Reflection

Now that #ISTE2014 has come and gone, it is certainly not forgotten!  Learning so much from the week has given me a jump-start to the new school year.  There are 3 areas I want to improve or expand upon with myself, my colleagues, and my staff:  Connections, Collaborations, and Consistency.  It's my 3 C's!


It was wonderful meeting many of my online colleagues face-to-face, especially for the first time!  It's an amazing feeling to meet someone you've been working with for years, and to meet them and give them a hug is indescribable. 

My goal is to not only keep the connections I have, but also to deepen what we do with our students to make our connections stronger.  


Attending many sessions and also presenting at a few confirmed my belief of the importance of collaborations with students and teachers.  I will continue collaborating with colleagues on HLWSkypers, Twitter, Google+, etc.  We've added a few more skyper friends and hope they will be another great connection and collaborator!  I want to concentrate on projects through Flat Connections and The Global Classroom Project as well as a few made up along the way!


I want to concentrate on these areas with myself and staff:
  • Edmodo
  • Google Drive
  • Chromebook Resources
Now that we have been a GAFE school for several years and our students are using Chromebooks in the classroom, the teachers need to learn not only the basics, but more advanced features in Google Drive, like, the apps add ons.  Tammy Worcester showed us some great tips and tools we can use with students.  We will be using Synergyse to keep up with the latest features of Google Apps.  We'll also be using Hapara to share docs and stay on top of student work real-time. The teachers will use Edmodo to create classes and groups to share information and stay on track with assignments.  

During ISTE I attended a great BYOD session on Chromebooks and got some wonderful resources for my students and staff.  Thanks to Dr. Draper and PJ Giles!

More Ideas...

Wiki Writing
Cool Apps!
Teachers to Follow
Global Education Day - awesome ways to connect with the world!

More to come!

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  1. Thanks Theresa for sharing all of these great resources!