Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Activities in the CSRN Lab

This is one month I'm happy to see gone!  The cold weather will not be missed.  While it was cold outside, the lab was warm and welcoming, allowing students to enjoy, learn, and create.

8th Grade - Blogs and Venn Diagram

The students began writing their first posts in Kidblog.  They are learning blogging skills in the lab and writing creative blog posts in junior high.  The students will register for the Student Blogging Challenge in March.  One of the classes were able to collaborate with Mr. McNulty's class in Pennsylvania using a Venn Diagram to show their favorite foods.  

7th Grade - Digiteen Action Project

The students have finished their Action Projects for Digiteen.  They can be viewed on the Digiteen website for Class 104 and Class 106.  They will be presenting their projects to 5th and 6th graders in our school as well as classrooms around the world through Google Hangout.  A few groups went through a "trial run" to work out the kinks with the presentation backgrounds, fonts, students' voice projection, and eye contact.  

6th Grade - Diamonte Poem and Describe/Draw Projects

The students finished writing Diamonte Poems and illustrating them for students from Russia, Spain, and Italy. 
Their next global project is Describe/Draw where they describe their facial features and a few favorites about themselves and post it to the project site in Kidlink.  They are partnered with another school who will draw a portrait of their descriptions.  They are allowed to ask more questions if they need clarification and when they are finished, the portraits will be matched with the descriptions.  

5th Grade - Olympic Hero Voicethread Project

In this project, the students find an Olympic athlete who possesses or had possessed heroic qualities.  They will research and write two paragraphs to share with other participants around the world.

4th Grade - Mystery Location!

The 4th graders are having a great time honing their geography skills when they skype with schools and teachers around the world.  So far, the students worked with classrooms from Colorado and Canada and teachers from Germany and South Africa.  They have jobs including mappers, runners, photographers, question askers and notetakers.  They are using Titan Pad, Edmodo, and moderated GroupTweet to share their findings.

Grade 3 - Proper Commenting and Typing Practice

The students read amazing winter stories from Mr. K's 5th grade in Glenview, IL and commented using a Google Doc to share with the class.  They also have been working on typing skills using Dance Mat Typing.

Grade 2 - Jack Frost Poem

The students used a Google doc to type a poem about Jack Frost.  They were able to finish in their classrooms and have them ready for Open House.

Grade 1 - Typing and Creating

The students are practicing their typing skills using Dance Mat Typing and drawing creative pictures using Kerpoof.

Kindergarten - Teach Your Monster to Read

The students are working on reading and phonemic skills using Teach Your Monster To Read.  They learned to us a username and password so that their progress is recorded and they can move at their own pace.

Early Childhood - ABCMouse

The students in Early Childhood are learning math, reading, and fine arts skills using ABCMouse.  There is much to explore and students are enjoying the various ways of using this comprehensive online tool.  They can also play at home using the codes given to them before Christmas break.

Looking forward February Fun!

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