Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness in the Lab!

Now that we are in the heart of NCAA basketball's March Madness, some of the mania is creeping into the computer lab.  Many of the classes are involved in projects that extend beyond the lab and into the classroom.  The students have begun connecting, communicating and collaborating by skyping, blogging, and sharing with other classrooms.

Classrooms in Projects

Kindergarten is participating in Building Bridges, a Flat Classroom Project where they will connect and share a common theme.  They have met some of their partners through Skype and are creating introductions of our school and a "View from Our Window".  Mrs. Kaput is working on the project with her class while Ms. Bava and I work with hers.

Mrs. Kaput's Room 200

Ms. Bava's Room 203

Grade 3 is participating in another Flat Classroom project called, A Week in the Life, where the 3rd graders will give a snapshot of a week in their lives according to various topics.  The 3rd grade teachers, Ms. Kinsella and Mrs. Hinthorn, are also involved in the project.

Mrs. Buhr's class in Grade 2 is enjoying the Edmodo Pen Pal Project where each class posts a series of questions per week and the other classes respond.  There are 4 classes in each group and we are now in Week 2.  Lots of great questions and conversations happening!

Global Projects

The students in Grade 6 have been working on their missions in Quest Atlantis.  They are now at the stage where they can see other students in the world and can communicate with them.  They follow the IBURST rules when they communicate:  
SchoolCenter Picture

The 4th graders are working on the Student Blogging Challenge.  Each week the students have challenges to choose from to build their blogging skills and communicate with students around the world.  They are learning to properly comment, write in paragraph form, and create posts.  Check out their blogs here:

The 2nd graders in Mrs. Ratajczak's class and 6th graders are participating in the Draw/Describe Project in Kidlink.  They are partnered with another class and each student writes a paragraph description of themselves from the shoulders-up.  The partner then draws the description and both the paragraph and drawing are posted in the Kidlink site.  The students draw the portraits with Mrs. Latz in the Art room.  The 2nd graders are paired up with students from Russia and the 6th graders are paired up with students from Illinois, Russia and Virginia.

Global Hero Project
The 5th graders begun their project for the global hero Voicethread project where they choose a hero to write about and describe their hero on this Voicethread where it will be shared and expanded with schools around the world.

Educational Skills and Fun

The 7th and 8th graders are working on Diocesan Assessments in Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Presentations.  Although not as "fun" as the global projects above, students are learning and applying their knowledge of important fundamentals of these applications.

Grades Preschool - 1

The students in Preschool to First grades are learning math, drawing and typing skills using the following sites:

Preschool:  Number games
PreKindergarten:  Keyboarding 
Kindergarten:  Kerpoof
Grade 1:  ABCYa Keyboarding Kids Korner

Thank You!

I'd like to take a moment to thank the students, parents, staff and community for their kind thoughts and words when they heard of the award I received from the Joliet Chamber of Commerce.  I am humbled and honored to be one of the 16 educators who received the "Great Teacher" award.  Thanks again!


  1. Congratulations Theresa! You deserve this recognition, you´re such a hard worker!

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    I am from Mrs.Donofio's class. That sounds like you have a very busy school. What grade level does your school go up to? Could you visit my blog at Thank you