Friday, February 8, 2013

Technology Fun in February

We are having "fun" in the lab - and learning at the same time!  It's rewarding to see the students playing a game or activity, concentrating and enjoying their success.  Lots of fun times!

It was exciting to see the Early Childhood students playing on the Chromebooks this week.  They have their own headphones so they aren't distracted by their neighbor and they are understanding how to move the mouse and click on the large touchpad.
They played games from PBS Sprout.

Kindergarten students worked on their typing skills on ABCYa while playing  Keyboard Zoo and Typing Rocket.  They are working on typing with their left and right pointer fingers.

Grades 2, 3, and 5 started practicing their basic math and spelling skills on the World Education Games site.  They "verse" other students around the world and in their own class: 

Grade 1 students practiced keyboarding and then played other educational games on ABCYa.  The keyboarding site took a long time to load, so few students practiced on that site.  They did play the Cup Stacking game to practice typing skills on ABCYa.

Grade 4 students are continuing to blog and learn how to properly comment.  Kathleen Morris, a grade two teacher in Australia created this poster on how to write a comment on a blog:

A grade 3 teacher, Linda Yollis, created this great video on how to comment as well:

Grade 6 students are continuing to work on Quest Atlantis and their missions.  They are gaining "lumens" for their good work and are working towards pieces of their "shardflower".

Grade 7 students practiced their Digitween presentations as well as wrapping up any assignments that needed to be turned into Edmodo.

Grade 8 students evaluated and researched Google extensions to help support learning.  Extensions "live" next to the Omnibox (where you type the url) and enhance the learning experience for students and internet users of Google Chrome.  Once complete, they will present their findings to a live global audience.

Another great week in the lab!
Next week we'll prepare for global projects:

Kindergarten:  K-2 Building Bridges Project
Grade 3:  A Week in the Life Project

Grade 5 and 7:  Landmarks game
Grade 6:  Draw/Describe

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