Friday, February 1, 2013

Reflection - Workshop Presentation

I am sitting in my room, the computer lab, after a 2.5 hour workshop I hosted and presented about Classroom Blogging.  My room is empty and the school is quiet.  This was the last day of Catholic Schools Week, a week filled with fun, exciting activities and crazy times in the classrooms.  I know it wasn't easy for the teachers to come and sit for an afternoon, but they did and they listened, asked questions, and thought how they could implement blogging in to their classrooms.  They also said it was a bit overwhelming since they only post grades and homework on sites.  But, listening to the many great educators who took the time to present to our teachers and other educators world-wide, and seeing the opportunities they have as teachers and for their students, the blogging world looked a bit less daunting!

THANK YOU Effie, Louise, Paula, Joe, and John who presented live through Google Hangout On Air.  Thank you Karen, Anne and Larissa who posted videos about how they blog in their classroom because time zones and other commitments wouldn't allow them to present live.  Thank you to my staff who listened attentively on a Friday afternoon - the end of Catholic Schools Week!

All links/resources can be found on the EVPD wiki.  We had an awesome backchannel, too on Today's Meet.  This is the Google Doc of the backchannel.  The video was recorded and can be viewed on my YouTube page.

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