Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Update - Technology at CSRN

Tech Updates:
  • Over the holidays new wireless access points were installed around the school.  This allows classrooms the ability to have more wireless devices on at the same time.  
  • Since the addition of a cart of Chromebooks last year, teachers are finding it easier to add lessons that involve technology to enhance their curriculum.  Recently, there were a handful of devices that had minor damages.  After a few messages and calls to Google, they were replaced at no charge.  Google's customer service is excellent!
Tech Needs:
  • Many printers in the classroom and for multiple staff use have broken down this year.  Thanks to parents, some of the teachers received a "gently used" one to use in the classroom.  They have been working well!
  • Empty toner and ink cartridges are needed as a fundraiser for technology supplies or equipment.  They can be dropped off at the office.
Computer Class Update
All activities can be found on my Class Site.

Students in...
  • Early Childhood explored the Chromebooks and playing fun, educational sites like Curious George and Dinosaur Train
  • Pre-Kindergarten explored some of the games on Dinosaur Train.  They use the lab's laptops to play.
  • Kindergarten and Grade 1 explored GPBKids where they played time, geometry, measurement, and money games.
  • Grade 2, Mrs. Buhr's class, watched and reflected on the Christmas Around the World voicethread with notes from each table:  1, 2, 3, 4.  The students narrated pages starting at #38.
  • Grade 2, Mrs. Ratajczak's class, started a poem using Microsoft Office about Jack Frost.
  • Grade 3 created pictures and added a description about something they did over Christmas break using Kerpoof and shared it in Edmodo.
  • Grade 4, Mrs. Gambino's class, created a spelling list to play on Spelling City and also worked on typing skills on Dance Mat Typing.
  • Grade 4, Mrs. Molskness' class and Grade 5 participated in mystery skype sessions:  Grade 4 notes; Grade 5 notes.
  • Grade 6 learned about Quest Atlantis and finished incomplete assignments in Edmodo. *Permission slips need to be returned by Jan. 16th.*
  • Grade 7 worked on Digiteen Action Projects for 7-1 and 7-2.
  • Grade 8 reviewed the Tech Pre-Assessment, created Google profiles and added educational apps.
Looking forwared to another great week!

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