Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let the Fun Begin!

New projects happening in the lab!

1st Grade:  Kerpoof and Voicethread: Story Starter
We're teaming up with first graders from Janesville, Wisconsin using Kerpoof to illustrate a sentence in a story the students are making up for the other class to finish.  Can't wait to see the results!

2nd Grade:  Animal Research:  Enchanted Learning
The second graders are researching an animal using the animal printout section from Enchanted Learning.  It's the best type of reading for students at this age.

3rd Grade:  Avatars!
The third graders are finishing their avatars in Edmodo.  They loved to visit my Livebinders site.

4th Grade:  Let's comment!
The fourth graders are learning to comment using a list of student blogs from last year's Student Blogging Challenge.  Soon they will have blogs of their own!

5th and 7th Grades:  Let the Games Begin!
Students in 5th and 7th started their research to come up with 9 clues for a landmark they will submit for the games this month.  Then, they will use other classes' clues from around the world to find their landmarks!

6th Grade:  Draw/Describe Project
The sixth graders are writing a detailed description of their faces to be shared with a school in Italy for them to draw.  They look forward to receiving their descriptions and drawing them!

8th Grade:  Brain Teasers
Eighth graders were visited by a teacher in South Africa through Skype.  Mr. Sherman baffled the students in how to fold a bill 10 times, how to exponentially grow their allowances, and how to survive a beheading!  All this done with math formation.  Great visit!