Monday, November 19, 2012

Technology Update

Now that the first trimester is under all of our belts, I wanted to send another technology update to let you know what's going on in our technology lab.

Junior High
All junior high "grades" were posted last trimester on Edmodo (  This trimester they will be posted on both Edmodo and Teacherease.  Details of each assignment are on my webpage on - Classes - Mrs. Allen.  With Edmodo, parents can look at their progress by having their child log into the system, or they can have their own account by obtaining a parent code.  If you'd like a parent code, please let me know.  I will have grade results on Edmodo first and then transfer them to Teacherease.

8th grade
Students continued to add a few more posts to the writers club (  The also joined a group on the site that was already formed.  I want them to know how to communicate through a group format and know what and when to contribute.  They are also practicing their typing skills using  They are recommended to be able to type 35 wpm by the end of the year.  Right now, they need to type 25-30 wpm.  Soon they will be focusing on the technology assessments given by the Diocese.  They will review technology/computer hardware and software information, create a document, chart, presentation and a spreadsheet.  This will take up most of the trimester.

7th grade
They are continuing to work on the Digitween project (  This trimester will focus on content added to the wiki (the address I provided) and the final action project.  They have the option to create their final project on their own or with the members of their small global group.  They can use SlideRocket (enhanced power point), Prezi (zooms in and out presentation) or "just" Google Presentation.  This is ultimately due before Christmas break, but they will present their final project to classes around the school and to a global audience through Skype or Blackboard Collaborate (online presentation tool). 

6th grade
They are finishing up a Diamond Poem Project for Kidlink (  They created a diamond-shape poem and used Microsoft Paint to illustrate it.  Last week they uploaded their project to the Diamond Poem project site ( - you can click the drop down button to see the student pages.  Next they will look at other students’ work from around the world and comment on them (2 positive comments and a question).  The next thing the students will participate is the Global Hero Project (  They will research a hero and answer 4 basic questions and use Voicethread to create their final project.  This is last year’s project:  

5th grade
The students are finishing the iVote project by adding a webpage of their research to the iCollaboratory site ( They will comment on other students’ iVote projects and read the comments they receive on their page. Next, the students will be preparing to Mystery Skype ( with classrooms around the world.  They will learn more about their country, state, and city while learning more about the places around the world.  This will be a great introduction to the Landmarks Game ( which they will do in February.

4th grade
Now that the Monster Project is over, the students are focusing on the Crazy Crazes Project (  They will use Edmodo and the wiki to show what’s new, popular and “hot” right now in our area.  This is a great project to learn about cultures and ways other students live as well.  We hope to use Skype to communicate with some of the classes, too!

3rd grade
Mrs. Hinthorn’s class is participating in the Edmodo Pen Pal Project ( where they start with a topic and discuss on Edmodo.  They just began the project and it will run through February.  We hope to use Skype to meet some of the pen pals “face to face”!  They are also practicing their typing skills using Dance Mat Typing.
Ms. Kinsella’s class is working on typing skills and will be participating in the Mystery Skype project in their homeroom ( while learning basic skills while writing about it in computers.

2nd grade
Mrs. Ratajczak’s class is also participating in the Edmodo Pen Pal project in a different group than Mrs. Hinthorn’s class.  Mrs. Buhr’s class will participate in Christmas Around the World ( where they will learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world and contribute to a Voicethread as well (

1st grade
The first graders have been working on typing skills using Dance Mat Typing and are also playing educational games.  Our next project is creating part of a few stories that we’ll share through Voicethread.  The students will illustrate a page and then we’ll share w/ Mrs. Schur’s class in Wisconsin.  Here are some of the projects from last year: and

The students worked on typing skills using Keyboard Climber (  They also practiced reading skills with Starfall (  Next they will work on math skills using sites like and  

The students enjoyed beginning reading games last trimester with Learning Planet and Sheppard Software.  They also played fun, educational games.  This trimester they will work on math skills with sites like The Learning Planet ( and others.

Early Childhood
Even though the students aren't at their own computers at this time, they interact with what they see on the computer screen while in the lab.  They enjoy interactive sites as well as themed-sites as well (we had a spiders, pumpkins, and bats themes for October!  They will be enjoying sites on their own before Christmas break.  I need to show them how to use the touch pad and the click buttons on the laptops before they “play”.

That's what is going on in our lab. Have a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving break!

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  1. Dear Fellow Monster Builders,
    I know that the monster project is over, but my class would love to Skype with other classes. We have been learning about communities, and thought it would be neat to connect with other classes and find out information about communities all over the world.
    If you are interested, we would like to know the following information about your community:
    1. Name of your town/city
    2. What is the nearest city?
    3. Type of community:
    a. urban(city),
    b. suburb(town near a city)
    c. rural (a lot of land, not many people)
    4. Landforms (plains, mountains, plateau, valley, island)
    5. Bodies of water near you (lakes, ponds, oceans, streams, rivers)
    6. What do you do for recreation?
    7. What are some of your favorite sports teams?
    8. Sunrise/sunset time for the day we Skype (we would love to compare to see if it is different depending on your location!)
    If you would like Skype with us and learn more about the 3H Crew and Haddonfield, NJ, please let me know when you are available.
    Thanks and have a great day!
    Sue Halbert
    3H Crew
    Skype Id: HMHS08033