Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mystery Skype and Practicing English - In Indonesia

A wonderful colleague in Indonesia, Endang Palpui, teaches English to students of many ages.  She also has a radio show where she invites teachers from all over the world to be interviewed by her students:

I have met some of Endang's students and chatted with them to give them a chance to speak the English language and then listen as well.

Another colleague of ours, Joe McNulty, and I were interviewed a few months ago:

I also had a mystery skype session with vocational students who are training to be software, mechanical, and hardware engineers:

We talked about sports (soccer for them - basketball for me), favorite foods (bolang-baling, rendang, krupuk, sate for them - lasagna for me) and favorite places to visit (bali islands for them - Chicago for me).  They enjoy learning about another person and their country.  It gives them a world vision and they are getting a great experience learning the English language.  I enjoy the skype sessions with Endang and her students!


  1. Hi Mrs. Allen... :) do u still remember me? I'm Muhammad Khoirul Umam (Umam), the student of vocational high school in Indonesia.

    That's my picture on your post... (3rd and 4th picture). Nice post :) visit my blog ya...

  2. Hi Mrs. Allen, I'm one of students from indonesia yesterday...

  3. It was great to mystery skype with you!

  4. I and Umam, very pleased to meet with you...

  5. I hope we can skype again - with some of my students!