Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monster Project Skypers

The 4th grade students have been hard at work creating their monster for the Global Monster Project:
In the computer lab, the students had the opportunity to skype with other classrooms creating their monsters:

They met Mr. Ferguson's 4th grade class from New Hampshire.  This is Mr. Ferguson's 6th year with the monster project.  Last year, their monster won!  They showed us the 3D head of their monster this year - wow!

Then students met Mrs. Kern's Ms. Rush's class from Good Hope, Illinois.  They were making a 3D monster, too!  

Even more exciting we met another class from St. Louis, Missouri, Ms. Kopp and her students.  Part of their monster was made of rubber from giant rubber balls.  :)

We enjoyed meeting these monster makers and can't wait to vote this week!  
Meet the monster makers here.

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