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Midwest Google Apps Summit - Notes to Remember!

Midwest Google Summit
Wisconsin Dells 11/12-13

I made it!  

Resources:  http://www.midwestgooglesummit.com/2011-summit-resources
Molly Schroeder:
Chromebook Classroom:  https://sites.google.com/site/chromebookclassroominthecloud/home
Great intro to Chromebooks!
Gotta look at this more
You tube
Make sub plans
Videos for assessments
We video
Book commercials
Classroom in the cloud
Use Prezi and SlideRocket w/ 7th grade for action project
Good Internet safety links
Lunch - met Melissa Schur - tech teacher from WI I collaborated w/ last year:  

You Tube for EDU 1:30-2:30:
Create a playlist with YouTube EDU account.
Here’s mine:  http://www.youtube.com/user/tdallen5/videos?flow=grid&view=1
I’m here now:  https://sites.google.com/a/flippededucation.com/flippedevents/-appsctsummits/gearing-up-with-youtube-channels-and-playlists
Waiting for teachers to create their own channel.
Ted-Ed - http://ed.ted.com/ pair extraordinary educators with talented animators to produce a new library of exceptional educational videos. Watch/Think/Dig Deeper - students subscribe and answer questions while watching
Example of a playlist:  http://www.youtube.com/user/hopkinswjh/videos?flow=grid&view=1
To show ONLY your video:
Ctrl-Click to pop it out
Install Quiet Tube on Google Chrome:  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/quiet%20tube?hl=en-US&utm_source=chrome-ntp-launcher
Can add intros to playlists - add a question for students to answer after
Can create a video scavenger hunt w/ YouTube (This sounds GREAT! - Janet) - I just gotta play around a bit to try it.  :)
Video editing tools in YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/create

Getting Going with Google Chrome 3-4pm

Acer Chromebook:  199!
Samsung:  249!
Chrome Basics:
  • Omnibar - magic!
    • don’t have to open a search engine - just type in box
    • search bar - URL, too
  • Tabbed browsing
    • pin tabs to permanently stay - right click and pin
    • bookmark from tab
      • take off name to add more bookmarks and show just icons
      • create folders
  • Incognito window
    • private browsing - no history
    • When on public computer
    • Check personal email
  • Multiple profiles
    • Go to “3 lines” on upper right
    • Click on Settings
    • Click Add New user
  • Chrome Extensions
    • tiny plugins to make your life easier
    • run in browser - next to Omnibox

Didn’t attend, but great resources:  https://sites.google.com/site/mwgs12evenmore/let-s-get-cookin-with-even-more

Google Vision for the Future 8:30-9:30

Chrome Ninja  9:45-10:45  Molly Schroeder

  1. CTRL + T =  Opens a new tab
  2. CTRL+ W  = Closes the current tab.
  3. CTRL + SHIFT + T = Reopens the last tab you’ve closed. Google Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs you’ve closed.
  4. CTRL + SHIFT + N = Opens a new window in incognito mode, for private browsing
  5. CTRL + H = Opens your browsing history
  6. CTRL + SHIFT  + DEL = Takes you directly to the page to clear browsing history, cache and cookies.
  7. CTRL + J = Opens the downloads page
  8. CTRL + D = Saves your current webpage as a bookmark.
  9. CTRL + SHIFT +V =  Paste content from the clipboard without formatting (ie, pastes plain text)
  10. CTRL + SHIFT + J = Opens Developer Tools.

  • 3 lines (where wrench was) - sign in to sync bookmarks
    • Settings - Users - have multiple accounts
  • Don’t add “www” when searching or typing addresses
  • Use omnibar as calculator, time converter, measurement, use a minus “-” when searching
  • When students, have students go to advanced search first
  • Tabs:  drag and drop, pull out to new window - put back
  • Pinned tabs  - right click to permanently add them when opening a browser.
  • Tabbed management:  Right click to close certain tabs, reopen closed tab
  • Bookmarking:
    • Star at end of omnibar
    • Click on star - will turn yellow and will add bookmark
    • In Settings - checkmark “show bookmarks”
    • Highlight website and drag to bookmarks bar
    • Can remove wording on bookmarks to show just icon on bookmarks bar - edit
    • Add folders to save multiple bookmarks on bar
  • Chrome Web Store for Web Apps and Extensions
40 Ways to Use Google Apps in Classroom
Steve Butschi
  • goo.gl/yuvt - presentation link
  • Gmail - in presentation
  • Talk - in presentation - Google Hangout
  • Groups - in presentation
  • Calendar
    • Share w/ colleagues (all or free/busy)
    • color differentiated
    • shared resources (open lab times, chromebook cart)
    • map out standards
  • Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
    • Collaborate on lesson plans
    • Take meeting notes - running record
    • Create a shared lesson plan
    • share a folder
    • Improve writing process
      • comment
        • use @email address to instantly send email of comment.
    • Publish student work - sharing settings
    • Translate letters home to parents
    • Track students’ homework (sheets)
    • Make sign up sheet
    • create/graph data w/in spreadsheet
    • Make flashcards in sheets:  Go to Insert > Gadget... > Flash Cards Gadget
    • Google sets!  WOW:  Type in at least 3 related terms. Highlight the three terms and [hold Control + drag] or [hold Option + drag] to fill the set.
    • Use Google Forms as assessments w/ flubaroo
    • Survey
    • Collect data
    • Use for reading records online
    • Keep track of discipline referrals
  • You Tube for Schools - whitelisted content
  • mooc google search (massive online open content)

Let’s Hangout - Chad Kafka
http://goo.gl/b4dY6 - Presentation
  • Only in personal google accounts right now. (legal reasons w/ video chatting)
  • Up to 10 people
  • Lower 3rd - add name at bottom
  • Add google drive app
  • K-12 account - only “lite” version - 1:1 video only
  • Can start a hangout in gmail and not necessarily google +
    • need a google + account to start a hangout
  • Features:
    • Chat
    • Screenshare
    • Google drive - share/edit
    • YouTube - watch together
    • More - go to add apps
    • Effects - hats, accessories, sounds
  • Examples
  • How to Get Started
    • Upgrade personal account to G+
      • Name
      • Create Circles
      • Be Awesome...?
      • click - Start a Hangout
  • Tip:  
    • Enable right side chat LAB in gmail
    • Turn off shared folders and other apps to help not slow it down.
    • Hangout Chrome App
  • How to join a hangout
    • Receive a link through chat message
    • seeing a post in G+
    • Going to hangouts area
    • Add to calendar event
    • Can start/answer from computer or mobile device
  • Live demo

Demo Slam:  http://www.midwestgooglesummit.com/demo-slam-2012
3 min presentations
Timer Chrome App
Cap number of entries on Form
Research right from google doc
Chrome remote desktop
Teacher Dashboard - can see Chromebooks - can close sites students shouldn’t be on
Dictate into Gdoc with phone
Make own auto substitutions in Tools - Preferences
Use Last Pass
use 2-step verification
Scripting:  in sheets
connect spreadsheets from school database

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