Sunday, November 18, 2012

Global Education Conference

Last week (Nov. 12-17) marked the annual Global Education Conference 2012.  This conference hosted hundreds of presentations with the global ed theme from all over the world.  I was fortunate to present the EVPD (Educator Virtual Prof. Development) series which showcased over 10 teachers who presented Web 2.0 tools to my staff and world in a virtual environment.  This 3-hour workshop highlighted  12 tools in a "smackdown" format where presenters had 10 minutes to show the tool and it's effectiveness with students in education.  

You can listen to the recording to find out more!  Also check out the EVPD wiki to see videos and resources about each tool.

Some of my global colleagues presented as well.  In some of their presentations, I contributed a slide if I was involved in some way.  Others I attended as support or just to learn more about what they were presenting:

Global Education Conference Presentations and Recordings

1.  The Continued Adventures of Teaching and Learning Across the Globe
Presenting on: Tuesday Nov 13th at 10pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11) (your time here)
Presented by: Lorraine Leo and Anne Mirtschin
Link to recording

2.  “Hello Little World”
Wednesday, Nov 14th at 10pm Melbourne  (your time here)
Presented by: HLW Skypers - those who can be present including founder Katherine Zablantik!
Session details
Recorded Session: (click “play” button on the right)

3.  “Aspects to consider when addressing a Global Audience”
Presenting on: Wednesday Nov. 14 at 2:00 pm CST (your time here)
Presented by: José Popoff
Link to the recording

4.  “Educator Virtual PD Series”
Thursday Nov. 15, 4pm CST (your time here)
Presented by:  Theresa Allen
Link to recording

5.  Snapshots of Learning Beyond Borders
Presenting on Thurs, November 15, 9pm – 10am, Malaysia time (GMT+8)
Presented by: Veronica Woo Eu Cheng ( TESL Teacher-cum-ICT Teacher )

6.  World Museum Projects - Collaborative Projects in Scratch
Wednesday Nov 14th, Melbourne Australia time (check your time here)
Presented by Lorraine Leo, Yoshiro Miyata, Jose Saez

7.  The Global Classroom Project - Stories & Project Launch (2012-13)
Nov 16th at 7PM Perth, Australia time (GMT+8) (your time here)
Presented by Michael Graffin, with Effie Kyrikakis, Sebastian Panakal, Linlin Tan, Karen Stadler, and hopefully Govinda Panthy
Session Details
Link to recording

8.  From Zero to Hero
Friday, November 16th at 2:30pm, Kerala India time (check your time here)
Presented by Sebastian Panakal

9.  Moon Over Us and Other iCollaboratory Projects
Presented by Bonnie Thurber
Link to recording

To see more recorded presentations, click the link here.

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