Friday, September 14, 2012

First 3 Mystery Skype Sessions

We love Mystery Skype sessions!  The 7th and 6th graders had the fun opportunity while getting a geography lesson as well.

Our first session took us to a remote town in Russia with an educator who was actually at her home away from home, relaxing during the weekend.  Tatyana Chernaya, an English teacher, was willing to do a session with us. The 7th graders almost got stumped but figured it out in the end.


Our second session took us back to the states south and west of where we live near Chicago, IL.  Michele Harris and her daughters skyped with our 7th graders from Florida, not long after Hurricane Isaac passed by their state.  The students could find Florida much easier than Russia!

Our 3rd session brought us closer to Illinois, just a state away in Iowa.  The 6th graders wanted to learn more about the students and their school since it was Catholic as well.  Denise Krebs and her 7th graders were eager to learn more, too.  We hope to skype with them again!  We used the same questions to ask as we were trying to find the mystery state.  I put the document up on the whiteboard so the students could ask the questions and still see the students in Iowa on the smaller screen.

We look forward to more skype sessions soon!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Allen's Technology Scholars,

    Mystery Skype makes geography much more fun! We have mystery Skyped 3 times too. We have found S. Africa, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Hope we can connect with your classes soon!

    Mrs. Morgan's Superstars