Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Week in the Lab...

Great things have been happening in our lab - come and see!

Early Childhood

The students have been choosing games to play at Ziggity Zooom, a fun, educational website with over 20 games.  They can choose from puzzles, mazes, matching, and word formations.

The Kindergartners have been practicing their typing skills using Dance Mat Typing.  They have been doing a marvelous job keeping their fingers on the home row keys and stretching for the other letters with the proper finger.  They are also using their right thumb to press the space bar.

To be able to start typing skills in Kindergarten is amazing!  Students are writing more on the computer at earlier ages, so proper typing skills needs to be taught at a younger age as well.

Grade 1

The students have finished up their endings to stories given my Mrs. Schur's 1st graders in Janesville, Wisconsin.  They started 2 stories and we finished them.  We started 4 stories and they are in the process of finishing them now.  Here are the finished stories:

Grade 2
Meeting new friends with Oddizzi
Students can play games and learn about the world.  Teachers can connect with other teachers through Class Pals.  So far we've met classrooms from the UK and Ireland through ePostcards.

Students are also practicing typing and math skills using Dance Mat Typing and Mathletics.

Grade 3
Students have been preparing for A Week in the Life, a Flat Classroom Project, where students are split in small groups with students from all over the world sharing what a week is like in their part of the world.  They are split in 6 categories:  School Time, Leisure Time, Languages and Clothing, Environment, Food and Celebrations, and Housing and Transportation.

They created handshakes about their favorite food:

Grades 4, 5 and 8

The 4th graders are learning how to blog and loving it!  Please visit their blogs at:

The 5th graders have been blogging since last year.  They will welcome comments, too:

The 8th graders are learning how to add widgets to their blogs.  They would love comments, too:

Grade 6

The 6th graders are preparing to draw portraits of their Italian friends in Art Class.  They've added their own descriptions as well.  Can't wait to see the finished products!  You can see them too on the Kidlink website:

Grade 7

The 7th graders have been practicing their spelling skills on and they are meeting a class of 5th graders from Hawaii on Edmodo.  They shared their Digiteen presentation and introduced themselves.

Digiteen Mentors

A group of 10 7th and 8th graders have volunteered their time twice a week to mentor students in the Digiteen project.  They meet with me during their lunch time to monitor their teams' posts and answer questions.

Next week we'll be on Easter break.  Looking forward to another great week!

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  1. Hello from India :) Completely in love with your blog. I too work as an ICT teacher in an International school. Would love to meet your children on Skype sometime along with my class. We should plan it.

    Also found on your blog lots of ideas about how ICT can be made more interesting.

    Even we participated in A Week In The Life in September last year :)