Friday, March 9, 2012

Landmark Games!

If you were given 3 clues a week for 3 weeks to locate a landmark (big or small) somewhere in the world, would you be able to find it?  The 5th and 7th grades are participating in the Landmark Games the past 3 weeks, trying to locate over 40 world-wide landmarks.

Classrooms from Russia, Lebanon, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Czech Republic, and England decide on a landmark and create 9 clues (ranging in difficulty) to submit to the other classrooms weekly.  Students get one chance a week to ask a yes/no question to lead them closer to the target landmark.

See the list of participants and where they are from here.

Students used maps, globes, Internet searches and their own ingenuity to research 4-5 landmarks per small group.  The 5th graders wrote their own emails using a class email account while the 7th graders used their Google Apps for Ed accounts to ask the yes/no questions at the end of each week.

4 classrooms - 42 landmarks

Will they find them all?

We'll know March 15th!

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