Saturday, March 10, 2012

Google Chromebooks are Traveling!

Since December the junior high students have been using the new Google Chromebooks for research, typing papers, and creating presentations in the comfort of their own rooms.  Lately, the lower grades have been able to use them as well.

How fun it is to see the second graders use the Chromebooks in their classrooms!  They were thrilled to be in their own room instead of the lab (bitter sweet)!

 It's just as thrilling to see the 5th graders use them in small group research projects.  They were able to stay in their own rooms, move around, and have access to the other supplies they needed.  

Although not in their own rooms, Early Childhood and Kindergarten were able to use them when the lab was needed for junior high special projects.

Soon the 3rd graders will use them as well!  They are participating in A Week in the Life, a Flat Classroom Project to find similarities, differences, and connections with students all over the globe.

Next are 1st and 4th grades!  Won't be long!

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