Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why should students learn to comment properly?

We need your help!  Please add your thoughts about why it’s necessary for people to learn to comment properly.  I had a few students in my class add their last name, add slang words, and add multiple characters (like waaaaaaaaaaaaay to goooooooooooooo).

These our the guidelines for our blog:
How to Comment:

  1. Start with a salutation:  "Dear ______,"
  2. Begin comment with a compliment!
  3. Ask a question or comment about the post.
  4. Write in full, complete sentences.
  5. Proof-read your comment before you send!
  6. Don't reveal personal information that isn't stated in the guidelines.
  7. Be nice - think who your audience is and put yourself in their spots.

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Commenting Made Simple

    Parents, family, and friends - thank you for reading our blog!  We would LOVE to receive more comments!  After talking with a couple of parents, a few steps on how to post was necessary.  So, if you were someone who wanted to post a comment but didn’t exactly know the steps involved, follow these:
    1. At the bottom of each post, you will see “Posted by Mrs. Allen”.  After that, there will be a number and the word, comments - click on that word.
    2. Type your comment in the box.  Add your first name, last initial (Theresa A) and also who you are a parent, relative, or friend of (Theresa A, parent of Danny A).
    3. Choose to Comment as Anonymous and click Post Comment. (You can use a different account, but it's not necessary.)
    4. Type the word verification (usually an unknown word) and click Post Comment again.
    Once it’s approved you’ll see your comment!  Thank you!

    Last week the students commented more on the same blogs as the week before.  They are at different stages and the students from the other blogs have replied to their comments, so our students read what’s been posted and reply again.
    We also had a LOT MORE parent help - thank you so much!  Parents of these students helped:
    • Reise
    • Jason
    • Emily
    • Hannah
    • Brandyn
    • Nick S
    • Jonah
    We’ll be commenting some more, so if any parent would like to visit, be our guest!

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    We’re Commenting!

    The 4th graders were able to read the comments on the blogs they wrote last week for Mrs. Surridge’s class.  Then they commented live.  Thanks to moms of Reise, Jason, and NickS, the students were able to get their comments approved faster and then could comment on other students’ blogs.  They chose the 2 students from Mrs. Surridge’s class, one student from Mr. Miller’s class, and 1 student from Ms. Blessing’s class.  Many students finished with Mrs. Surridge’s class and some were able to comment further.  The students in Mr. Miller’s class each had a video describing someone or something.  Our students liked the riddles and many wanted to watch more than the one they chose!  Next week, they will comment some more.

    THANK YOU moms of Connor W and Emily who posted a comment to our blog!  Also a big thanks to one of our second grade teachers, Mrs. Buhr.  She wants to come and visit, too!

    More “bling” added to our blog!

    This week as part of the Class Blogging Challenge, we were to add a few widgets to our blog.  Widgets are interactive notices/links to enhance your blog.  For this challenge, we were to add a Flag counter and/or a live traffic feed.  I added both to our blog.  Now we can see the number of people from other countries who have visited and the cities where they live!  

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    Parents: Join Us!

    Alan Stewart [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

    As my email stated, the students and I would love to have you visit the lab at the time we're blogging and/or comment on our blog!  We have been invited to participate with these students/classes:

    Mrs. Surridge's Class Blog:
    The students are 3rd graders from California and they each have a MacBook that they take from school to home!

    Mr. Miller's Class Blog:
    The students are 6th graders from California who have been blogging for 2 years.  They have a great, innovative class that like to comment about life as a 6th grader.

    Miss Blessing's, "The Great Fourth Grade Adventure" Class Blog:
    The students are 4th graders from New Hampshire.  They live in a rural area but where they live is one of the best vacation spots!

    4th grader, Lizzie, has her own blog and is participating in the challenge as well:
    She's from Michigan and Mrs. Fennemore's Class.  I like how she uses choices for each post.

    Please send me an email or comment below if you would like to visit the lab or just type up a comment or two!

    Mrs. Allen and 4th graders

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    We've made our first comments!

    Our 4th graders have visited the 3rd graders of Mrs. Surridge's class in California to practice commenting.

    Their student blogs are here.

    Mrs. Surridge's class had many posts welcoming us to their blog! My students were so excited! They chose two students to add their comments. I had them write it first and then I typed them into the blogs. It's a bit of a long process but I wanted to make sure the students commented correctly.

    Thank you, Mrs. Surridge and students!