Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Google Chromebooks with Kindergarten

The junior high science teacher asked to use the computer lab when a kindergarten class was scheduled.  With the mobile cart of Google Chromebooks available, I decided to give it a try.

The Chromebooks loaded in less than 10 seconds.  After the teacher's aide and I got the students on the school webpage, they navigated to my page with websites to choose from and they were off!

The students had so much fun and handled the Chromebooks very well...for the most part!  A couple of them accidentally dropped them on the floor.  Thankfully they didn't have far to fall and the floor was carpeted.  We'll need to work on holding them properly next time.  :)

As I'm typing this blog, I'm finding apps for the Chromebook that I can use with the younger students:
  1. Carrotsticks
  2. MeeGenius
  3. Kidoz.tv
  4. PBS Kids Play
  5. Scootpad
Looking forward to finding more!


  1. Can you send me an email so we can make contact. I just got my chromebooks from donors choose and am already being questioned, "How are Kindergarteners going to use it?"
    I would love your help.

    1. I am a K-12 Business Ed teacher. I have been teaching Kindergarten Computers for the past three years. We have class once a week for 28 minutes. Sites I use include: www.abcmouse.com (free teacher account), www.abcya.com, www.funbrainjr.com, and www.funbrain.com (playground).