Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Glimpse Around the World November Theme: Lunchboxes

The Global Classroom Project hosts, "A Glimpse Around the World" where every month students and teachers vote on a theme to show what it's like in their school or community. November's theme is School Lunch!

Lunch at our school is broken into 4 groups:  grades PreK-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6-8.  The students in 2nd grade are participating in this project and I took pictures of their lunchboxes and what they had for lunch on a typical day.

Almost every day, students bring their lunches.

Although there's a lunchroom, there isn't daily hot lunch.

Once a month, our school has "hot lunch day" where the Home and School Association orders hot meals from local restaurants/fast food places like McDonalds, Burger King, and Hey Hot Dog!

Students have the option to bring their own drinks or order milk (one kind).

A student's lunch typically has fruits, sandwiches, yogurt, chips, and snacks.

Sometimes they bring hot soups and foods in a thermos.

The students were also able to see lunches from different places:
Denmark: Vonsild School, Kolding - Class 1A - - Stefan Nielsen - @snskole
Greece: Winners Education, Athens - - Effie Kyrikakis
New Zealand: Hamilton East School - Room 14 - - Anna Gerritsen
Taiwan: Fo-Gong Primary School , Kaohsiung - - Lin-Lin


  1. Dear Mrs. Allen and class.
    Thank you so much for sharing your photos of what you eat for lunch and how you bring it.
    We have just made a new wiki where we will gather all the different photos and pieces of information we get from around the world. Please visit: and we would love you to add your photos as well. You´ll have your own page....
    Stefan Nielsen,Vonsild School, Denmark

  2. Hi im Meghan.
    I think your blog is cool.
    I dont get how students can see lunches from diffrent places?
    At my school we have hot lunch on Tuesday and Thursday!My favroit hot lunch is pizza!