Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Tried Vegemite!

8th grader trying Vegemite

After Miss W and Davo came to visit, they left a tube of Vegemite to try.  Vegemite is a common spread people from Australia use over toast and crackers.  It looks like chocolate, smells like gravy, and tastes salty and creamy!  The students in Kindergarten, 4th, 5th, and 8th grade tried it on Friday.  Most liked it!

5th grades trying Vegemite

4th grades trying Vegemite


  1. I love these Vegemite photos! I need to pick up some unsalted crackers this weekend so we can try our tube next week. I am a bit scared to try it. Should we have lots of water ready to drink afterwards?

    I think our favorite part of Miss Wyatt's visit was learning about Tasmanian Devils and seeing some of her 600 photos of the USA. Each of my students blogged about it here

    Happy Halloween!
    Mrs. Schmidt

  2. Hey guys! Don't be scared about trying a little Vegemite! :) I have it for breakfast every morning! (Just don't spread it too thick).

    At least your students didn't feel sick afterwards Deb Coats (@coatsea - USA) has some interesting stories to tell in that regard!


    Mr Graffin
    Perth, Western Australia

  3. Some great photos! Do you guys have Marmite over there? I guess it's the equivalent of Vegemite for the UK (although I've never tried vegemite!)

  4. Wow! that looks like a very fun day, I hope you had a very fun day anyway.Them biscuits look yummy !, I wonder what there made out of? Also what is that yellow tube? and what did you do with it? I hope you write back and answer my questions from Trey.

  5. Hi I am Amy from Broughton with the quadblogging.... Mr Stacey yes we do have marmite but I have never heard of vegimite next time I go to America I will have to try it.

  6. im miah from broughton and the quadbloggers, i really want to try that it looks really funny i will be sure to try it when i next come over, it seems really wierd but ill try new things!!

  7. It looks like you all had a very fun time trying the vegmite. But what is 8th grade? is that in high school(ages 11-16) or is it primary school (aged 4 -11)?

  8. funny hope you liked it im from england and i like the look of your school its huge im matthew by the way and i also go to Broughton High

  9. Hello, I'm Annalise from High Lawn Primary (6D) I'm gessing you all had an amazing time because you looked like you was all having an fantastic time. I wish I was their with you all, the buscits looked yummy. Any way I hope you had an great christmas...
    Annalise from High Lawn Primary.