Sunday, October 23, 2011

Passion....Definition and Own Passions

The 8th graders wrote on Wall Wisher about what their passions were and included their own definition of PASSION.

Please reply with either your definition of PASSION or tell us what YOUR passion is!  We'd love to hear from you!

8-2 Passions:

8-1 Passions:


  1. My passion is create things! Bake, craft, model and man more. My real definition for "Passion" is a outburst of emotion.

  2. Those are all great definitions of Passion.
    Nice work.

  3. Some great definitions. Really good to see so many different passions here as well!

  4. Those were some very insightful and clear definitions of passion.

    My passion is horseback riding because it brings me a lot of joy. I'm going to pose the same question to my grade 5 class and I'll come back and post their responses here.

    Thanks for the great idea.
    Miss deVries

  5. Hello again,
    My grade 5's used your post about passion as their inspiration and did a similar activity. You can check out the post here:

    Here is our definitions of passion:

    - We think passion is something that you love doing.
    - Passion is when you do something you like or your favorite thing.
    - It is something when you are excited.
    - We think passion means that we can care.
    - Passion is when you are excited and happy.
    - We think passion is something that you love to do or that brings you joy.

    Some of our passions are:
    - playing hockey
    - watching comedies
    - bugging my brother
    - playing video games
    - figure skating
    - playing the guitar
    - sports
    - being outside on bikes, scooters or longboards
    - playing with my dog

    Thank you so much for letting us share in this fun activity. We learned a lot about each other and another power word for our wall.

    Miss deVries and Grade 5 Delve

  6. It's possible to be passionate about issues and causes, too. Do any of you feel strongly about things that are happening in the world or your community? I am passionate about encouraging my pupils to read so spend quite a bit of time inventing challenges for them.

  7. Ms. Cox,

    That is a great passion! What types of challenges do you create for your students?

  8. Well, one of the challenges I created involves students accepting a "be good to yourself" challenge to enter one of four reading races: fun run (read at least 60 mins each week in own time); mini marathon (read 120 mins each week in own time); marathon(240 mins); or olympic marathon (480 mins).
    This race lasts for 6 weeks and it's amazing what students can achieve.

    I used to record the times myself so I could produce a chart showing race leaders but now we use a fabulous site called, on which pupils record their time and what they read.

  9. Wow, cool, so many different passions - my passions are for reading, writing and drawing, I wonder what other peoples passions are???
    Megan Whitlock - BBEC

  10. wow! There are some really good definitions of passion and there are some good ones telling us about other peoples passion.

    Lewis Gillespie from BBEC

  11. Its really interesting reading about other peoples passions. I have a huge passion for drawing, fashion designing and reading. I'm stuck in a really good book called hothouse flower! I have created many designs. My ambition for the future is to one day have my own brand as a great designer :)
    Amzie 7k1.