Thursday, September 15, 2011

Introductions and More Commenting Practice

In the next few weeks, the 8th graders will be writing introductions for our three classes of Quadbloggers in England.  They will add their introductions on a Google Doc and I'll add it to this blog when complete.

They will also be practicing commenting skills with classes from the Blogging Challenge.  I've chosen 7/8th grade blogs so they can comment with students about the same age:


  1. Dear 8th graders in Mrs Dallen's class
    Thank you for all the comments left on our class blog. We appreciate them. Yes we had a little snow! Very rare, a bit like snowing in California. The rugby world cup is on, I know you all don't follow rugby, but it is our national game, so we follow it with enthusiasm. It has brought many visitors to our country and we are all thoroughly enjoying ourselves.
    I see you are following Miss W's trip, she so deserves it, she works so hard on bringing us altogether with the blogging challenge.
    Take care and keep blogging.
    Miss T

  2. Hi Mrs. Allen,
    Thanks for including my class in your suggestions. I've included your site in our blogroll of Student Blogging Challenge classes to visit. My students are a little behind right now, but they should be coming your way with questions and comments soon.

  3. Hi Mrs. Allen, I believe that a few of your students have come by our site and have left comments that I'd love to respond to, but when they left their comments they did not apply the url of your blog. I am only guessing they are your students because one said he was from Illinois and the other had a url, but it linked to Please let me know where I can reply to Juan and Nick. Thanks.