Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy School Year!

Welcome back!
It's great to be back to school!  The students are refreshed and eager to learn!

At this time I'm introducing our 8th graders to the blogging world.  We are part of the student blogging challenge the next weeks and they are also going to be quadbloggers!
  • Student Blogging Challenge:  Students are taught proper commenting skills and comment on participating blogs.  This challenge will continue through the Fall.
  • Quadblogging:  4 groups of blogs communicate on a common theme.  One class/group poses a question and the other 3 answer.  This will go through Christmas!  

 Last year's 4th graders are Mystery State Skyping and learning about the Moon with students from our area and China:
  • Mystery Skyping:  Students will create clues about their state.  They will skype with other classes to guess their state using the clues.  Students can have certain jobs - note takers and researchers.  Then they guess the mystery state at the end!
  • Moon Over Us:  Students research the moon and observe it by taking pictures at least 3 days in a row.  They create a page for their photos and notes about what they observed.  They comment on 2 USA pages and 2 pages made from Chinese students.
Looking forward to an amazing year!

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