Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free At Last!

Today I gave all of the students their usernames and passwords for our student blog to take home with them.  They may add another post or 2!  They can also add a photo to their posts!
Students may also comment on the class and student blogs below (they have a packet to mark down by date who they comment):
Mrs. Surridge (305 and 306) – student blogs
Mr. Miller (305 and 306)- just comment on the class blog, not the student blogs
Miss Blessing (305 and 306) – student blogs on right
Mrs. Tripp (305) – just comment on class blog, not the student blogs
Mrs. Krebs (305) 7th grade  blogs only
Mrs. Powell (306) student blogs
Mrs. Schmidt (306) -student blogs on right
4th graders, please don’t let these students and teachers down!  They would love to hear from you!
Great first posts!  Looking forward to many more!
Mrs. Allen

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  1. I thing that you guys have your blogging accounts. I hope you guys have fun.