Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Break is Over...
4th graders,

What did you do during Easter Break?  If you haven't yet, write a post on your blog and tell us!  If you have written a post, you can comment and post about other things you are willing to share.

Take a look at these student blogs.  They have posted about their break, their animals, poems and more!  Nice job!

Nick S  Easter Break:
Sam M Spring Break:
Mason R Spring Break:
Molly O Easter Break:
Danny S Spring Break:
Connor C Easter Break:
Danny S Junior:
Erin S My Hamster in Her Ball:
Molly O My Dog Jasmine:
Danny S  Guitar:
Danny S Pets:
Cordelia W Easter Break:
Erin S Easter:
Cordelia W Happy Easter:
Danny S Laser Tag:
Faith G Easter Break:
Molly O My Name:
Noelle C Easter Break:
Jason B Easter Poem:
Faith G My New Puppy:
Zora M Spring Break:


  1. Dear Ms. Allen and 4th graders,
    Here is another idea for a blog post.

    As participants in the student blogging challenge, you have been tagged to take part in a meme about pride. Here is a link to the original meme post. Here is a link to my post where you have been tagged to join us. Thanks for participating!

    Mrs. Krebs

  2. Hi, this is Dusty from Mr. Millers class.I like this post because it is very interesting. I also like the picture. I went to Las vegas to a Rat Rod Car show.

  3. Dear Ms. Allen and 4th Graders
    Hi we are your friends from Mr. Millers Class. I like what some of you did for Easter break. I went to Salinas to get some supplies for my art project that i am making for my mom for mothers day.
    I also wrote a poem that we are going to present on Monday.

  4. Thank you for commenting friends! It's neat to read what you did over Easter. Keep in touch!