Sunday, April 17, 2011

1st Published Posts!

The 4th graders published their first posts this week!  Thank you to everyone who added a comment to their posts!  Most of the students have comments and they will be very excited to read them on Tuesday.  During the 2nd class, I ran out of space to add their photos, but after contacting Kidblogs, I received double the amount of space!  Now we'll have enough space to add everyone's photos for a while.  

This week the students will read and comment on their comments, comment on Mrs. Surridge's Class, Mrs. Powell's Class, Miss Blessing's class and Miss Tripp's class.  During Easter Break, the students can add a post about their time off and comment on their posts.

Keep the comments coming!  Thank you!


  1. Mrs. Allen, I haven't started my students on Kidblog yet, so if your students would like to post to our class blog, use this link: Thanks :)

  2. Hello This is Andy from Mr.Millers class. I wanted to say that this is really awesome.I remember my first time publishing a blog post! Blogging is a more interesting way to learn.