Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why should students learn to comment properly?

We need your help!  Please add your thoughts about why it’s necessary for people to learn to comment properly.  I had a few students in my class add their last name, add slang words, and add multiple characters (like waaaaaaaaaaaaay to goooooooooooooo).

These our the guidelines for our blog:
How to Comment:

  1. Start with a salutation:  "Dear ______,"
  2. Begin comment with a compliment!
  3. Ask a question or comment about the post.
  4. Write in full, complete sentences.
  5. Proof-read your comment before you send!
  6. Don't reveal personal information that isn't stated in the guidelines.
  7. Be nice - think who your audience is and put yourself in their spots.


    1. Dear Mrs. Gambino's Class,

      What a wonderful way to learn how to embrace new technology and have fun doing it! Remember, with new abilities comes new responsibilities. I look forward to reading all of your posts. Have a great day – spring and warm weather are right around the corner!!!

      (Dawn E, parent of Avery E)

    2. Great post..It’s so true. They do need to learn step by step how to comment in an appropriate manner. I have learned the hard way...if you don't show them and have the practice all you get is, "this is so so so cool."

    3. Hi Mrs. Allen and class!
      My class is learning that they LOVE having visitors on their blogs! We are also learning that without a proper comment there is no reason to respond. When someone actually has substance in their blog comment we can either respond to their comment or visit their blog and leave a comment! We love getting your comments and then replying to them and we are looking forward to visiting you when you get your own blogs!

    4. This is a great post, Theresa. A lot of adult experienced bloggers would benefit from this. You and your class are doing a wonderful job.

    5. Thank you for your responses! I hope my own students continue to comment properly as they go down the road to teenage and adulthood years!