Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We've made our first comments!

Our 4th graders have visited the 3rd graders of Mrs. Surridge's class in California to practice commenting.

Their student blogs are here.

Mrs. Surridge's class had many posts welcoming us to their blog! My students were so excited! They chose two students to add their comments. I had them write it first and then I typed them into the blogs. It's a bit of a long process but I wanted to make sure the students commented correctly.

Thank you, Mrs. Surridge and students!


  1. Hello Ms. Allen and students!
    We are excited to be following you for the Edublog Challenge. We've had great fun in past challenges and look forward to visiting you often. We are two classes of 6th graders that have Mr. Miller for history and language arts. We love to blog and several of us are taking part in the student challenge as well. You can expect a visit from us soon :-)

    Mr. Miller and Class
    Chalone Peaks Middle School

  2. Hello Mr. Miller and Class,

    We look forward to more visits as this is new to us and we're all very excited! Thank you for your comment! How long have you been blogging?

  3. Hello, Mrs. Allen and students!
    Thanks so much for commenting on our blogs. My students want to share every comment they get and you have done an excellent job keeping them busy! We are enjoying getting to know you!

  4. Hey it's Madison from Mr.Millers class. When I looked at this picture I thought that you guys looked very busy!! Keep up the commenting. Great job!

  5. Hi, I'm Elizabeth from Mr.Miller's blog... He told us that you are new to blogging so !*WELCOME*! Please leave a comment @ http://mrmillersblog.com/. And once more **!*W*E*L*C*O*M*E*!**

  6. Hello:)This is Quiana and Lauren from Mr.Millers room. We are excited to see you blogging. We cant wait to see knew things from you guys.:D