Sunday, March 13, 2011

We’re Commenting!

The 4th graders were able to read the comments on the blogs they wrote last week for Mrs. Surridge’s class.  Then they commented live.  Thanks to moms of Reise, Jason, and NickS, the students were able to get their comments approved faster and then could comment on other students’ blogs.  They chose the 2 students from Mrs. Surridge’s class, one student from Mr. Miller’s class, and 1 student from Ms. Blessing’s class.  Many students finished with Mrs. Surridge’s class and some were able to comment further.  The students in Mr. Miller’s class each had a video describing someone or something.  Our students liked the riddles and many wanted to watch more than the one they chose!  Next week, they will comment some more.

THANK YOU moms of Connor W and Emily who posted a comment to our blog!  Also a big thanks to one of our second grade teachers, Mrs. Buhr.  She wants to come and visit, too!

More “bling” added to our blog!

This week as part of the Class Blogging Challenge, we were to add a few widgets to our blog.  Widgets are interactive notices/links to enhance your blog.  For this challenge, we were to add a Flag counter and/or a live traffic feed.  I added both to our blog.  Now we can see the number of people from other countries who have visited and the cities where they live!  


  1. Hey there. We are happy that your students have been commenting. We think it is important for every blogger to know how. We love your blog. Thanks for commenting on our blog.

  2. Hey it's Madison and Stephany from Mr.Millers Classrroom, and we love that you are exploring the world of blogging. The widgets that you added are very cool and helpful. Keep commenting and remember have fun!! Good Job!!

  3. I have had a lovely time reading through your recent posts. It is fabulous to see you using the lessons learnt in the blogging challenges with your classes. The photos are capturing it all. How are you getting on with the parents? Are they showing a keen interest? What about the students? Are they enjoying it all? Keep up the great work.