Sunday, March 6, 2011

Parents: Join Us!

Alan Stewart [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

As my email stated, the students and I would love to have you visit the lab at the time we're blogging and/or comment on our blog!  We have been invited to participate with these students/classes:

Mrs. Surridge's Class Blog:
The students are 3rd graders from California and they each have a MacBook that they take from school to home!

Mr. Miller's Class Blog:
The students are 6th graders from California who have been blogging for 2 years.  They have a great, innovative class that like to comment about life as a 6th grader.

Miss Blessing's, "The Great Fourth Grade Adventure" Class Blog:
The students are 4th graders from New Hampshire.  They live in a rural area but where they live is one of the best vacation spots!

4th grader, Lizzie, has her own blog and is participating in the challenge as well:
She's from Michigan and Mrs. Fennemore's Class.  I like how she uses choices for each post.

Please send me an email or comment below if you would like to visit the lab or just type up a comment or two!

Mrs. Allen and 4th graders


  1. Unfortunately work does not allow for me to come and visit the class in this exciting endeavor. I wish you best of luck and fun with this. Always do your best and you will see great results!
    Mrs. Ward
    (Connor's from Mrs. Molskness' class Mom) :o)

  2. Connor's Mom,

    Thank you for being the first parent to comment and for giving us great advice!

  3. Mrs. Allen and fourth grade class,
    I checked out the blog with Emily. It looks like it will be very interesting! I will try to come help in computers one day. (Though I need all the computer help I can get!) Have fun!
    Amy Holbrook

  4. Amy,

    We would love to have you come and help the budding bloggers! Thank you for the comment!

  5. Mrs. Allen,
    This is SO cool! I would love to come and witness this LIVE. I already KNOW how smart and talented these kids are becasue they are my former students and I miss them. Let me know the day and time and hopefully I can come and watch!

    Mrs. Buhr
    2nd grade teacher

  6. Hi 4th Grade class,

    I have so much fun spending lunch/recess with you I thought I'd spend computer class with you too. I am looking forward to our next computer visit!

    Reise's mom,
    ~ Mrs. H.

  7. Great Job 4th Grade!! And thank you Mrs. Allen!!!

    Lyn M
    (Lexi M's, mom)

  8. You are all doing a fantastic job at blogging! You know way more than I do! Keep up the great job!

    ~Christina A.
    (Hannah A's, mom)