Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Alive!

It's Alive!

I have begun the Student Blogging Challenge!  After finishing the Teacher Blogging Challenge, I wanted to take the next step and involve my students in the challenge.  

I am a technology teacher for a private school in Joliet, Illinois, USA.  I've been teaching Technology since 1999 but have been a first grade classroom teacher 7 years prior to my present position.   I teach Preschool - 8th grade students who are involved in many global activities.  Read my blog for more about global projects.

Target Group:
I have decided to have the 3rd graders embark on the blogging quest with me, simply because they are not involved in a global project and they are very eager to try new things!

My goals for this blog, primarily, are to communicate effectively with other classrooms around the world and to give my students an opportunity to show proper communication skills with blogging.

Not being a classroom teacher presents a challenge.  When reviewing blogs, I didn't see many technology teachers who have one particular blog for their classroom or computer lab.  I don't know if I want to have a blog for each grade.  I do many other projects where I feel I wouldn't give sufficient time to the individual class blogs.  

What am I blogging for?
I'm blogging for my students!  I would like to give all of my students an opportunity to blog - to communicate with other students and classrooms from around the world!  But, I would like the students to have a special section or time of year when it's their turn to blog.

My thoughts - my goals - my hopes - for my students!


  1. Hi Theresa,
    I am a third grade teacher in Southern California in a Lutheran school. My students have become pretty good bloggers and we would be willing to share our blogs with your third graders if that works for you. We are in a one to one classroom so we all have our own Macs (It's a blast!) and love to comment on other blogs! You may visit us at:
    We'd love to help your students fall in love with blogging too! Shelly Surridge

  2. G'day Theresa,
    My main blog is just for IT classes. I have a separate blog I will be using for History/Geography and another teacher might set up one for Literacy.

    When I had a homegroup where I was teaching all those subjects with the same students, then I had a class blog.

    PS If you want other students to leave comments remember to have Name/URL as an option when they comment. Not everyone has a Google account.

    Miss W.

  3. Hi Theresa,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Interesting position you've got. If it were me, I wouldn't split into separate grades. It's good for kids to see how older/younger students are using the same technology platform (blog). Lots of learning opportunities that way in terms of literacy, and of course, technology-wise.

    That said, I would also set up appropriate tags per grade, e.g. Grade3 to allow students to filter grade-related posts as required. Just imagine the learning there as well (think: categorisation and filtering).

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

    btw, you might be interested on my post on blog rules as we're in a similar position Rules are rules.


  4. Sorry for the previous post which defaulted to my craft self (ThinkInkCreative). No major issue but there's a lesson right there!


  5. my computer is doing funny things and I've just lost the comment (which I'm apologising for above) more go as I'm a persistent girl!

    Thanks for popping by my blog.

    Interesting position you've got. I wouldn't have a blog for each grade. It's good for kids to see how older/younger kids are blogging. Just imagine the learning in terms of literacy, and of course, technology.

    Also, I would create grade tags, e.g. Grade3 just so it's possible to filter grade-appropriate posts as needed. Imagine the learning there too (think: categorisation and filtering).

    Fingers crossed this post will work. :-)

  6. ...and an invitation to view my post on Activity 2 - Rules are rules


  7. Malyn, thank you for your thoughts. I like the idea of tagging when certain grades comment. I will be following your blog for more guidance and possible sharing!

    Miss W, thanks for the reminder about adding the anonymous commenter - forgot! It's now on. (: I will follow your blog as well!

  8. Hello Mrs. Allen (:

    My Name Is Destiny From Mr. Miller's Room :)
    So Far Yourr' Posts Are Veryy Good In Myy Opinion I Think You Will Have Ann Awesome, Blog &I Am Hoping To Hear More From You &See Moree Posts ! (:
    Wee Are Hoping To Communicate Withh Yourr Blog Soon :)

    Well I Wishh You Good Luck On Yourr Bloggong Goals Mrs. Allen :)

    Sincerelyy, Your Friend;
    Destiny[from Mr. Miller's Room) :)

  9. Hello Mrs. Allen, we are from Mr. Millers class. Wow! Your posts are amazing they are fun and educational.:)

  10. Hello Mrs.Allen my friends and i are from Mr.Miller's class. These are inteesting post they are also educating. I hope you have a lot of fun with blogging just like us.

    From: Cheyenne,Natalie,and Letty XD